Home Staging Is Marketing Done to Get Best Price So Avoid Mistakes

Staging home does not mean just moving furniture around or decluttering the surroundings. It needs vision for price point of sale and buyer’s pool. There are some pitfalls or mistakes, sellers need to avoid in the staging process.

Home staging is really a marketing activity, so hire professional stagers. They know what home buyers come looking for and what competition looks like. The seller, real estate agent, and the professional stager needs to work as a team.

Mistakes to avoid while staging

Too little furniture

De-clutter and reduce furniture to a level that it does not make rooms feel cold and empty. There should be a balance. Space should feel maximized but the ambiance has to be inviting and warm.

Bad paint jobs

The old paint chipped off is a sign of home not well-maintained. Bold colour choices can turn buyers off, so pick neutral pallets like cream and white or beiges. These are welcoming and warm.


Avoid matchy-matchy colour schemes for furniture, walls, and carpets. It depletes room energy. The photos on the walls look flat. Buyers will be confused and turned off. Therefore, create some excitement with contrasts.

Minimal décor

Never go super modern or be minimal with furniture but capture blend of styles with warm contemporary looks. To soften room ambiance, add pillows and accessories. Round tables break rectilinear space and offer flow.

Too much art and collectibles

It is great but buyers can feel the home to be a junk shop or museum. Arts on wall can even pull the concentration away from home, thus lower the price. Therefore, select art and pictures with intention, so as to grab buyer’s attention around harmoniously.