No more hassles at the old age when you have gold reserves

At the old age it would be too tough to move to an old age home leaving all the comforts that you are enjoying so far. You may not want to be a burden for your children who should be looking after you. At the same time you could not stay in the old age home where the facilities would be one and the same for all the aged people. If you have well planned your savings at the age when you have been earning pretty good then you would not have to encounter such a pity situation in the old age.

You may not have thought that in the old age you should be so much worried about your expenses as you have been doing the very best for your children, you may be with the impression that they too would be very much responsible towards you. Having seeing around the situations where not even the life partner is committed towards the relation and having noticed that the relations have no better value than money, you should realize the importance of accumulating the Regal assets for your own wellbeing in the old age.
If you think you would be cheating your children by hiding about these types of assets that you own, it is still good that you do these sort of savings to meet your expenses in the old age. Later when you pass on knowing that you have the most valuable assets left out for your children, they would be truly happy. Hence, keep investing in these assets in partial amounts until you are satisfied with the total accumulation of these assets that you have made so far. Just be watching out how these assets have become handy many people having the similar thinking like you about old age.